Suitable for mounting on flat roofs of commercial, industrial buildings and blocks of flats, etc.

Delivery: up to 13.500 m3/h

Operating temperature: from –25°C to + 90°C under continuous operation. Engineered for 2 hours continuous operation with fumes at 400°C.

Motor insulation class H with IP55.

Asynchronous induction motor, thermally protected, standard UNELMEC B5 size, ball bearing mounted rotor.

Galvanised steel sheet fan with selfcleaning, backward curved blades, self-ventilating, die cast aluminium hub, clockwise rotation (intake view).

Painted anti-touch steel ring protection grille.

Certified by TUV according to EN 12101-3 (at max speed).

Certification numbers:

TRM models: 0036 CPD RG03 01

TRT models : 0036 CPD RG03 02

Streamlined cross-section intake port, made of sheet steel and finished in protective polyester paint.

For long term safety each unit has a safety cable to anchor it to the base.

Single phase models can be controlled by an optional speed controller. Three phase models have two speeds which can be selected with an optional speed switch.

Sound power and pressure levels conforming to ISO 3744.

Easily installed on all types of roof. For extracting low dust, acid-free and non-corrosive air only. Maximum air temperature for continuous

operation is 90°C. Not suitable for installation in ducts located directly above fireplaces or burners.