Induct Acoustic Insulation

It is Nonflammable Polyurethane foam, strengthened with an incombustibility improver mineral. It never melts, never catch fire or create liquid drops. Spread rate of flame on sponge foam rubber is 0 m/sec.

It does not gather dust as it does not hold static electricity. When materials like fabric, aluminum folio, artificial leather, etc. are laminated, it is ensured that the product is easily cleaned. It does not drop like glass wool or rock wool. This allows it to be used safely in spaces where air current exist (like mess halls, auditoriums, music and recording studios, electronic device boxes and rooms, etc.).

Places of use: Heating and ventilation installations, voice recording studios, theatres, marine sector, generator-compressor sector, automotive sector, trains, airplanes; in brief, it can be used directly or with special composite lamination (with PVC or Lead Barrier) in all areas where non-flammability  and sound insulation are desired.

Density: 50-60-70-80-100-110 Kg/m3.