Bakır Borular

Advanced Technology that saves Energy and protects the Environment

  • Significant and continuous energy savings
  • Safe network operation
  • Reduction of installation time
  • High resistance to mechanical stress
  • Ease of forming
  • External or embedded installations
  • Resistance to extreme atmospheric conditions

Pre-insulated copper tubes are advanced technological products of high added value and signifi cantly superior in effectiveness compared to conventional insulation methods.

Copper tubes are available in coils of 25 & 50 meters lengths and insulation thickness of 6,9 and 13mm, suiting a variety of insulation needs.

Copper tubes are manufactured according to (a) the Harmonised European Standard EN 1057 for use in plumbing installations and (b) the Harmonised European Standard EN 12735-1 for use in air conditioning and refrigeration installations. Copper tubes meet the current requirements, imposed by the new green refrigerants (R -410A, etc.), adopted by major refrigeration and air conditioning unit manufacturers. Copper tubes have been awarded most major international quality marks. Copper tubes, with their high quality of manufacture, provide:

  • Long lifetime
  • Resistance to pressure, temperature and fi re
  • Complete network impermeability
  • Hygienic, safe, and bacteria-free potable water
  • Quality and reliability of installation
  • Versatile applications
  • Comprehensive range of sizes
  • Aesthetic result and space saving